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     There are a lot of magic corners in the world and, without a doubt, one of them is the Carpathians. It is a pearl in the treasure trove of Mother Nature. On visiting our Ivano-Frankivsk region you will be convinced of this it is a land with unique history and culture and interesting people.
     Yaroslav Osmomysl, Danylo Halytskyi, Semen Vysochan, Oleksa Dovbush, Stepan Bandera lived and fought here; Ivan Franko, Lesia Ukrainka, Vasyl Stefanyk, Mykhailo Kotsiubynskyi created their masterpieces here.
     Different ethnic groups, such as Hutsuls, Boikas, Pokutians live in the region. Each one of them has particular language and music features, architecture, and ritualism.
     Mount Hoverla, higher than any other mountain in Ukraine, proudly lifts up its peak. The Prut River waterfalls shine on the slopes of the mountain like a necklace. You will have inexhaustible opportunities to travel in the mountains, raft down the fast waters of the Prut River and Cheremosh River or ski down the snow-white sparkling slopes.
     The cleanest spring streams, old fir forests and blooming alp pastures, resorts and mineral waters with curative qualities of the well-known "Narzan" and "Naftusia" await you.
      Hospitable hosts will gladly welcome everyone who wants to rest, regain his health, or get a better understanding of this unknown land.
     Welcome to the oasis of health the Precarpathian Region!

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